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Monograms... Today's Perfect Personalized Gift

From Classic Monograms to Today's Hottest Personalization Trends

by Taylor McDonald

Whether seeking the most traditional sign of class and prestige or developing today's most modern signature designs... monograms are simply the perfect personalized gift. There is nothing that makes such a personal statement as a monogram. The options are almost limitless in today's infinite monogram design environment.

Monograms, once more widely known as autographs, evolved from ancient history as a "Royal Signature". In fact, the monogram of Louis XIV with the first letter of a name, doubled and interwoven into one character, is probably one of the most famous of "Royal Signatures". Design elements of various monogram signatures are displayed throughout Versailles.

Roman, Greek and Latin subscriptions and signatures were once common in legal documents. Ancient Egyptian tablets display the earliest forms of today's modern monograms. If you are an avid coin collector you have probably already identified rulers in ancient Rome and Greece by their official signatures or monograms.

The monogram was used by French monarchs from the reign of Charlemagne to that of Philip the Fair. These "Royal Signatures" evolved from the official autograph of a mighty ruler to a time when they became the work of the scribe.

The Victorian era developed what is probably the most widely recognized monogram traditionally used by women with their first initial on the left, middle initial larger and placed in the middle of the design, and the middle initial displayed last. These Victorian monograms were often used to signify placement in high society.

Today monograms project style and class for both men and women. Choose a classic Three Letter Block design for a classic men's monogram for a shirt sleeve or above a pocket on a dress shirt for a professional look. Choose a single initial for towels or linens. Create your own sylized brand to monogram garments of all types.

Monogram Style


Three Letter Men's Classic

Perfect for the men's dress shirt or for a professional look. Place on the left chest, on the left chest above a pocket or on the left shirt sleeve for a classic men's dress shirt design. Place on a portfolio bag for travel.

Men typically use initials their in order. For example, Andrew Bentley Clark would be ABC.

Three Letter Block Monograms


Three Letter Ladies Classic

A great choice for any ladie's apparel, towels or linens. Ladie's monograms typically include the last name larger and placed in the center. Alice Bentley Clark would be monogramed as ACB if you want the last name to be in the middle.

This style is also perfect for weddings or other items that couples share. Place the new last name in the middle, or if the bride is keeping her last name use both his initial and hers in the middle. Modern standards place the brides initial first and the grooms initial is last. However, this can also be reversed as was done in historical monograms.

Three Letter Script Monograms


Three Letter Diamond Shape

Triangles, circles, brackets and borders make excellent design enhancements to get the personalized, custom look that you desire.

Almost any shape can be used to create a unique monogram including: circles, squares, hexagrams, shields, clovers, etc.

Stylized shapes and adornments create a virtually unlimited number of options to help you get the very personal look that you desire.



Three Letter Circle Bracket
Three Letter Diamond Outline
Three Letter Scroll

Three Letter Monograms


Two Letter Circle Bracket

Be creative with letter placement to get a unique monogram look.

Three Letter Trendy Monograms


Two Letter Circle Bracket

Two letter designs provide a mix between simplicity and uniqueness. For a very individual design consider an unusual layout that can be achieved through entwined letters. Mixing colors and fonts can provide some fascinating looks.

Some of the most famous two letter monograms are found in the collegiate lettering designs that are recognized by sports fans everywhere.

Two Letter Monograms


One Letter Bracket

Single initials are the perfect design option for towels and linens. They create a personal look that the entire family can share.

Consider using tone-on-tone with a similar thread color to match the garment for a very elegant look.

One Letter Pentagon
One Letter Designer Circle

Single Initial Monograms


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